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Price list


Service short hair medium hair long hair
Men haircut 50zł 60zł 70zł
Men haircut with shaver 40zł - -
Men haircut + beard styling 70zł 80zł 90zł
Beard styling - 20 - 30zł -
Haircut children (up to 8 years) 30zł - -
Haircut ladies 70zł 80zł 90zł
Ends 50zł - -
Bangs 15zł - -

Hair coloring

Service short hair medium hair long hair
Single color + styling 160zł 180zł 200zł
Single color + haircut 210zł 240zł 270zł
Color + highlights + styling 230zł 280zł 340zł
Color + highlights + haircut 280zł 340zł 410zł
Highlights + styling 200zł 210zł 240zł
Highlights + haircut 250zł 310zł 380zł
Cover (hair dying and revitalizing for men) 40zł 60zł 70zł


Service short hair medium hair long hair
Colored hair (if decolorization is needed, price for Makeover is applied) - 250zł - 320zł -
Makeover(full or partial decolorization with OLAPLEX reconstruction + coloring + haircut) 350zł 450zł 600zł
Toning – refreshing highlight colors (to be added to the price of haircut or styling depending on your needs) 60zł 80zł 100zł


Service short hair medium hair long hair
Shaping 50zł 60zł 70zł
Curls/Waves/Crimping - 80zł - 160zł -
Party Hairstyle - 120zł - 200zł -
Wedding Hairstyle Tryout - - 200zł
Wedding Hairstyle - 250zł - 350zł -

Hair treatments

Service short hair medium hair long hair
Treatment OLAPLEX for coloring or haircut - 50zł 100zł
Treatment OLAPLEX (treatment + styling) - 100zł 150zł
Ampoule + styling - 90zł - 110zł -


Service Price Range
Classic manicure without painting 35zł
Classic manicure with painting 45zł
French tips 25zł
Painting 20zł
Hybrid painting 45zł
Hybrid manicure 60zł
Nail extensions 120-160zł
Nail filing 10zł
Hybrid removal 20zł
Nail art 5-20zł (w zależności od zdobienia)


Service Price Range
Classic pedicure without painting 70zł
Classic pedicure with painting 85zł
French tips 30zł
Painting 25zł
Hybrid pedicure 110zł
Mini pedicure 50zł
Mini pedicure with painting 65zł
Classic pedicure + hybrid 85zł